Everybody is entitled to see their dreams come true.  And the Law of Attraction can certainly help, but it is not the solution if you are sending mixed messages. In fact, if you are affirming success but you feel like a failure, guess which broadcast the Law of Attraction is attracted to?

Oh yes, emotion is louder than words. Emotional energy must agree with your goals. If they don’t agree, they will pull you in opposite directions. You don’t want that, you want to bust through your blocks, feel powerful, and do your dreams!

But how do you do that? Below I have 5 tips to help you rescue your dreams and dismiss the emotional energy that is not jiving with the rest of your plans.

  1. Change your mind. When you are feeling low, frustrated, or discouraged about your unfulfilled goals just find a better feeling story. Instead of, “I’m a failure, I’m going to fail again.” Or, “I just can’t get a break.” Think instead, “It’s all in the numbers. My turn will come.” Or, “God didn’t bring me this far just to drop me.”
  2. Choose different words. Even though emotion is louder than words, words are still powerful. In fact, emotion will often follow words. That’s where they get their power. Actually, that is where beliefs get their power too. A belief is simply a thought you keep thinking. Pay close attention to the words you use. Words are things. They turn into powerful emotion, beliefs, and reality.
  3. Monitor your broadcasts: Always be monitoring what you are broadcasting to the Universe. Your mind is your territory and you are the governor. If you are not paying attention to the reality your mind is attracting, then who is? Get involved. Choose your words carefully. Think of them as prayer, incantations, and/or commands. Remember: your self-talk is your broadcast.
  4. Get involved. Don’t let your mind function on automatic pilot. Whether you know it or not, you are the leader of the entire business of you. Whether you are a passive leader or an active leader is up to you. You get to decide what everything means, how it will affect you, and what you will do about it. Whatever you decide, let it be in alignment with your goals.
  5. Your dreams matter. Never waiver from that. Your dreams are the united focus. Everything must align with them. Your thoughts, your emotions, and your beliefs must change and rearrange so they can support the united goal. Once your mind is clear on this, the Universe and the Law of Attraction can perform no other way but to serve your needs. How is that for a shift in perception and experience?

Hopefully most of these tips can help you shift into a faster gear and take you where you want to be.  But if you’re still feeling stuck, you can sign up for my Mind Mechanics Course here to learn more valuable ways to find the focus you need to succeed.

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Has using the Law of Attraction worked for you? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments!