For a small business owner, a big concern is often about finding clients. There are many ways to find them; one of my favorite ways is through networking.

Ouch! I know … many believe that networking is yucky, but I disagree.

I think those who hate networking, feel that way because the events simply don’t go well for them. But what if … it did go well? What if, networking was a consistent and reliable source of finding clients? It would be crazy not to do it, right?

I think we all know that the #1 rule for finding clients is – go where they go. Go where your ideal clients are found and where you can introduce yourself. That often involves … yeah … networking.

Networking wouldn’t be so bad if you knew what to say, right? What do you say when you are asked that hot-seat question at a networking event? – “So, what do you do?”

Are these your thoughts? “I hate networking because I don’t know what to say.” Or, “I never say the right thing.” Or, “I don’t like promoting myself because I feel like a used car salesman.”

Well, first of all, try to re-frame your intention. Being at the networking event is really not about you. It’s about those you can help. You are there for them; they just don’t know it yet.

It’s important to believe that everybody in that room needs your services. However, not all of them will be ready for you on that particular day. But if you say the right things, some will hear you.

You are there to collect what is yours. Some of them will hear you. All you have to do is … do your part. Show up and say the right thing.

Now…what is the right thing? The right and tight thing to say can be done in 30 seconds or less. Your self-introduction needs to ease a struggle, be benefit driven, and be clear. It needs to be all this because it is actually a lifeline. You are throwing out a lifeline for those who are ready to swim ashore. Therefore, those few lines have to connect them to you. What you say will cause them to reach for your particular lifeline.

So, you want to put your best words forward. Words are magic and networking is a magic time. Networking is an opportunity to tell on yourself.

Of course, nobody wants to sound like a used car salesman. So don’t sell, tell. Simply tell what you do and what the benefits are. If you really believe in your product or service, and you believe it can help, heal or change somebody’s’ life for the good, then you have a responsibility to let people know about you. You have a God-given gift that should not be kept under wraps simply because you fear ‘selling yourself’.

Prepare yourself for a networking event. Be clear on your product. Be ready with answers about your product for those who will come to you with more questions. But most important, get your self-introduction ready by using this three step formula.

  1. I help _________________________________ (List here the people you help. For example. I help healers, coaches and therapists.)
  2. Who struggle with __________________________________(Tell what problem you solve. For example, I help healers, coaches and therapists who struggle with clarity, designing product and finding clients.
  3. So they can _________________________________________ (Tell here what results they will get after your product or service is utilized. for example, my results are – so they can get their business off the ground, make money and do what they love to do.),

I help healers, coaches and therapists, who struggle with clarity, designing product, and finding clients, so they can get their business off the ground, make money and do what they love to do.

Done in 13 seconds.

Don’t sell yourself, tell about yourself in the most concise, clear and benefit driven manner that you can muster up. Inform. Tell and let your words fall on the ears of those who are ready for your services. Then just let it go. If it is meant to be, they will come to you. But how can they come if they don’t see you, hear you or know what you do?

Networking is magic time. It’s a great place to tell people about you. So, find the courage to put yourself in the right places. Remember, you are gifted, inspired, and expected to do your part in the Spiritual Awakening. You are needed! You must not hide behind your fear anymore. It’s time to do your part!