Healers, coaches, therapists, why are you content making grocery money from your God-given services that have the potential of great transformation? Aren’t they worth more than that?

I struggled with this once. I would wonder if God had abandoned me. I would secretly ask why he gave me this gift to heal …and then send me few to heal. Yet, when someone did show up at my doorstep and they couldn’t pay… I would heal them anyway. Later I would eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner.

For a very long time I believed it was the spiritual thing to do. I was convinced healing for free or for love offerings …was God’s will. For many healers, this is true and they will not budge from this idea.  If that’s how you feel, then you don’t need this article. Or maybe you do.

If there is something whispering to your heart and mind that God did not intend for you to live in scarcity … then please read on.

For a very long time I believed that, my healing abilities and money were two separate worlds. One was of God and the other was not. I thought charging for my services was greedy, mean and uncaring. I was wrong. They are both a big part of the Awakening. I learned there is a huge connection between money and spirituality. There is a great healing waiting to happen between the both within our psyche.

Please understand you are not being asked to choose between your gift and money. You are asked to accept both. You can heal and make a living. That’s the message you should be teaching and learning as you heal.

You teach by doing. And if you feel bad for charging that would take away from what you should be teaching. And that takes away from what your clients could be learning.

I am a business dream coach and I charge without hesitation. I must charge as you must charge, not because we are unfeeling or that we use Gods gifts for greedy purposes. No, we are using Gods gift to help those who want to grow closer to Him, and God has equipped you with the means to do so. But, I ask you this … how can you do that if you are busy fretting over bills to pay and food to put on the table?

To make a living with your gift is what He intended. Yet, ego whispers words of lack and greed to keep you separated from going full force into your life’s work.

It’s ok to charge for your healing, guidance and transformation. Actually, it’s necessary to charge. The first lesson for your clients is to see that God’s gift has value. If your potential client can get behind and support the desire to Awaken some more, then they are accomplishing the second step which is that they are worth investing in. They learn that growing spiritually is worth any amount of money.

Through your courage to charge, a healthy fee for your services, a global Divine Healing is possible. It is time that our faith in scarcity turns a corner towards a faith is prosperity.

True spiritual success is being able to manifest what you need. I understand most of us are not there yet, but if that’s the goal should we be healing for free or for grocery money? Are we pulling with this great spiritual step of our evolution … or are we pushing away from it? On which side have you placed your power?

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It is time to heal the subject of money.