There is so much confusion these days about how to affirm. Often we are just plain-old lost on how to pray, or how to tell the Universe what we want. It can be frustrating. What we don’t want is to self-sabotage. So what is the right way? How do we affirm our dreams and goals into being?

These following tips are designed to help you cultivate an abundance enhancing mind. There is no experience like holding a stack of cash in your hands that manifested as you shifted your mind from lack to prosperity. The secret is – the attitude of gratitude. It does the job, every time!

  1. Affirm with thanks. If you are broke, this is how you start. You say thank you for the money you do have. You say thank you for the friends, job, or possessions you have right now. Affirm, pray, or converse with the Universe from a place of abundance, not from a place of lack. The Universe will see your joyful energy of gratitude. That is a broadcast. The Universe takes broadcasts very seriously. What you broadcast is what you get more of.
  2. Be Grateful. Walk around feeling grateful.  Understand that change cannot come into your life by what you know but by what you feel. So feel grateful. We are co-creators of our reality. But we don’t get what we want, we get what we are. So be the grateful one. Let this be your affirmation at least 3 times a day: I am blessed. Thank you. Now feel the abundance. Send that broadcast.
  3. Document your gratitude. Write down 5 things you are grateful for every day for 30 days. List the obvious, like being grateful for your job, for being able to pay your electric bill, for your body organs, etc. List as much as you can. When you run out of the obvious, start looking for what you have been overlooking or taking for granted. With each entry, your mind will perceive your abundance.
  4. Adopt the attitude. Aim to live in a grateful mode. Can you imagine your automatic broadcasts if you actually lived with a subconscious grateful mindset running 24 hours a day? You wouldn’t even have to think about your broadcasts. They would be automatic.  Imagine the reality your mind would create with that mode of thinking. Imagine what your aura would look like. Imagine your energetic presence as you walked into a room. Imagine your health. Now if that is not abundance, then what is?
  5. Welcome Happiness. Happiness is a byproduct of gratitude. They go hand-in-hand. Have you ever tried to be depressed and grateful at the same time? It’s impossible. So if you want to shift your mind from lack to abundance or happiness in a matter of seconds; simply say thank you. Now that you are in the right frame-of-mind, state your pleasure. Say your prayer or affirmation. Ask and you shall receive abundance when you ask from the place of abundance.

Hopefully some of these tips can help you awaken your abundant mind! But if you want special coaching, you can sign up for my Mind Mechanics Course here. My course is designed to help you learn more valuable ways to find the focus you need to succeed.

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Have you tried any of these great affirmation tips? Let me know how they’ve helped you in the comments!