There is a reason so many of us who heal, coach and inspire so many … struggle with money. We struggle because it is the next step in our evolution. The subject of money and the lack of is part of the awakening.

Deep down we all know we were not put on this earth to worry about mortgage, car and/or medical payments.  We are blessed with an ability to help people. This is what we do. This is our purpose. So what the heck is going on with our bank accounts? Right?

It’s hard to understand. It’s blatantly not fair. Has God forsaken us? Does being broke go hand in hand with being a healer? I once had a psychic tell me her gift to help people was payment enough. She made pennies for her hard work but she believed it was part of the sacred deal. She believed it was Gods’ will.

For many of us there is a huge gap between what we earn with our gift and what our gift is worth. Think about this. We can heal! We can inspire! We can lead people out of darkness! We are blessed with gifts that can stimulate the quality of life for so many. Sometimes we can even save lives.

Not only that, but we are children of the Most High! Our God is abundant. S/he is creator of the Universe. S/he is our co-pilot, we are little gods. We are powerful! Yes. Yes. Yes. So tell all that to my bank.

We know God has not forsaken us. It’s not God. So what is the problem then? Well, just like everything else…it’s our stinking thinking. We have put our ego in charge of finances, bookkeeping and self-worth.

We have money blocks, painful memories, philosophical limitations and fears … lots and lots of fears.

The first place we should look for our money problems is our relationship with money. We should look at our behavior with money and our feelings about money. We should especially look at how we treat money; respect or no respect?  Or maybe money has too much power. Does it determine our self-worth?

Many of us have linked what we own with our self-worth. And this behavior is a result of living in a clouded reality. When we awaken we will see the truth. Money is a reflection of what is going on inside of us. It is a mirror. If your money is out of whack … well…change you; change your money.

Look at your bank account and say hello to your financial state of mind. Access it. Face the reality of your income, expenses and waste. Now change your mind. Wake up. Its time.

Explore your money blocks. Trace your negative emotions about your worth to past memories and self-imposed limitations. Change your feelings about money especially if you believe money can be evil, disruptive and/or dominating.

Awaken to the fact that your gift can bring you a happy and healthy income. Allow financial blessings to flow to you by removing what stands in the way. Give yourself permission to be wealthy. Let the Awakening remove more of what is not of God.

The lack of money is nothing else but another ego trip. You have faced ego before. Maybe, it was when you once feared your gift …only to learn it was your purpose. You overcame that fear and now you help people. Overcome the fear of money too and help your future. It’s as simple as changing your mind.

Befriend money … it is the next step of your awakening. Let money help you evolve. Partner up with it. Let it in. You are worthy.

Hopefully your money experiences will become enlightened and reward you greatly, but if you’re still feeling stuck with money challenges contact me: You can also contact me for a free Rescue Your Dream Breakout Session. Learn today how to live a life of Prosperity, Purpose and Inner Power!

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