Who is your ideal client? It’s important to be as clear on this as possible. Once identified, your ideal client can lead you to a clear mega-plan for a successful and ideal dream business!

Your ideal client can help in many ways. Your ideal client can guide you to formulate the best marketing plan for your business, to create top selling customized products and to business clarity … if you let it happen.

Many business owners don’t want to limit their clientele circle. They want to service a wider public. The more you widen your circle, the more general you become and therefore you are in competition with others who had the same idea. Then you all look alike and offer the same service. If someone asks, “What makes you different than any other practitioner?” … you have not identified your ideal client.

If you are having problems elevating the success of your dream business, it could be because you have not clearly identified your ideal client. Usually, if you have not done this it is because you don’t understand why you should. Below I have listed 5 reasons why you should and what this important action will do for you.

When you are clear on Who You Serve, you will …

  1. You will recognize each other. When you focus on one specific slice of clientele, they recognize you and you recognize them. You are then drawn together because you speak the same language, you address their specific struggles and they feel you understand them. That makes you an expert in your particular field; it makes you stand apart.
  2. You will communicate well with your ideal client. The right words will come, because you know who you are writing to. Your articles, speeches, bio, books will be written specifically for your ideal client. Imagine your ideal client sitting across from you as you write. You will clearly address what they need and what their concerns are. You will connect.
  3. You will market right-on-target. When you are clear on your ideal client, your brand will take form. Your logo, your colors, website, brochures, etc., will practically create themselves; because your essence will connect with the person, you want to help. You will meet them where they are.
  4. You will send that clarity to the Universe. You will call forth, with the help of Universe, the person best suited for your style of healing, coaching, or therapy. It will be a mutually respected relationship between you. Your ideal client will be what you expect. Do you expect a client that will keep appointments; pay on time; follow your program, give you testimonials and referrals? Be specific. Who is your ideal client?
  5. You will be able to let go. You will learn to scan a room and spot your ideal client. You will be able to stay focused and let go of prospects that are not ideal to your style. You can make friends, and have fun with all kinds of people; but when it comes to your business intuit those who are drawn to you and you feel drawn to them. There will be times a potential client will not pass the ‘feel’ test. Be Okay with that. Just let it go.

For more information on how to identify your ideal client, contact me: Susan Orosco by going to my website – www.UnleashYourExtremeDream.com.  Or email me at susan@susanorosco.com to sign up for a free strategy session. Together, we can identify your ideal client.