Do you face a block of resistance when you sit down to make your dreams come true? Is there a mental stop sign that blocks you or internal chatter that distracts you? Do you suddenly remember the load of laundry you should be doing? Or that phone call you should be making? Or that email you should be writing? Usually when procrastination shows up it’s because we have hidden negative emotions about our worthiness or doubts about the reality of our dreams.

There is a way to kill procrastination. Below I have 3 tips to help you jump start your most cherished dreams. Use these tips and make your dreams come true.

  1. Pick a block of time to work. For example, that evening or the next morning. Then prepare for the work ahead of time. Clean the area around your workstation. Gather all the materials you will need for your project. Have everything within reach in preparation.
  2. Prepare your mind. Set your smart phone alarm to go off half an hour before your block of time arrives. That gives you 30 minutes to prepare. If your time is set for morning, get your coffee and do other morning things. If your time block is set for later that day, simply finish what you are doing and turn your attention to your project. Prepare your mind. Convince yourself it will be fun.
  3. Before you start, imagine how you will feel when your project is done. Make a list of all the emotions you will feel when your project is all shiny, fresh, and finished. You could feel emotions such as joy, pride, self-value, and happiness. Feel the feelings before you start. Try to feel the feelings the whole time you are working. Get good at feeling these feelings. Keep the list close by in case you forget which feelings you are supposed to be feeling. After a while, the feelings will show up by themselves. They will be second nature.

When you can pick up where you left off from your project, without resistance, is when you have killed the procrastination that could have killed your project. Do your dreams!

Hopefully these steps can help you rescue your dreams and take them home where they belong. I believe if you follow these 5 steps you can lift yourself out of negativity and into joyful living.  But if you’re still feeling stuck, you can sign up for my Mind Mechanics Course here to learn more valuable ways to find the focus you need to succeed.

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Do you have any other tips to overcome procrastination and boost productivity? I’d love to hear them in the comments!