Do you feel out of control of your life? Do you wish you could have a voice in the creation of your experiences? Does there seem to be some outside force that governs everything that happens to you? Are you ready to change all that?

Practice the following 3 tips and take charge of your personal reality.  Instead of losing command, take command.

  1. Own your body – Our bodies think. Our organs have an awareness and intelligence of their own. The study of Epigenetics shows that our cells have receptors that receive information from their environment; and their environment is you. Your beliefs, emotions and thoughts are constantly broadcasting to your cells and to your body organs the reality of their condition. In other words, they take their direction from you. And if you are not giving specific instructions, they go to what I call a default system. They take on the health that best mirrors how you feel about yourself and the world around you.For example your immune system mirrors your self-image. If you are a self-defeating individual, often putting yourself down, your immune system becomes susceptible to an autoimmune disease. Self-attack. However, if your self-image is love, gratitude, and connection, your immune system will mirror that kindness. It is important to take command. Change your opinion of yourself, your world, and your own personal environment.
  2. Command your mind – Be careful what you bet on. BET is my acronym for our Beliefs, Emotions, and Thoughts. Pay attention to your BETs. BETs listen – just as cells listen, and they are reinforced by your constant self-talk. BETs provide the environment for your body cells and organs. BETs also affect your perception, your opinions, and your experiences. In other words, they create your personal reality. Isn’t this a department of your self you should not ignore?To be the god of you is to introduce yourself to your mind, make your presence known, and get involved in the everyday choices that are being made, with or without you.  Sit still. Listen to your self-talk. You will find BETs you didn’t know you had. Now ask yourself if these BETs serve well toward the life you want. If they do not, they must be released. If they do, keep them.
  3. Relate to the Universe. Take control of your broadcasts. Take inventory.  What you say, feel, and believe are your broadcasts. And they are heard by your body, your creative mind, and by the Universe. Yes, the Universe hears your BETs too. If you habitually and unconsciously send negative broadcasts, then this what you will receive in the form of experiences from all three areas.Command your kingdom. If you don’t, who will? Or what will? All your kingdom needs is to hear from you. Make your presence known. However, know this: your inner kingdom does not need a dictator. It needs kindness, leadership, and goals that you can all agree on. Just make the goals clear and believable. Make them clear to your BETs, your body, and the Universe.

Don’t let your inner kingdom rule itself. Take command or lose command. Get involved today.

Hopefully these 3 tips can help you become the god with a little ‘g’ to your kingdom. Change the direction of your life to where you want it to be.  But if you’re still feeling stuck, you can sign up for my Mind Mechanics Course here to learn more valuable ways to find the focus you need to succeed.

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Are you taking command? Share your experiences in the comments!