Books authored and co-authored by Susan Orosco.
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Don’t Invite Mr. Right Until Mr. Wrong is Gone

Book Description:

“Don’t Invite Mr. Right Until Mr. Wrong is Gone: 10 Steps to Attract the Love of Your Life!”

Do you know the #1 reason that stops women from finding Mr. Right?

Award winning author, keynote speaker, certified hypnotherapist and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner, Susan Orosco presents “Don’t Invite Mr. Right Until Mr. Wrong is Gone: 10 Steps to Attract the Love of Your Life.”

This book does not give advice on how to ‘catch’ Mr. Right, but contains invaluable techniques on how to …become Ms. Right!

Let the men come to you.

It reveals exactly which blocks stand between you and your dream life.  It offers 10 steps to remove those blocks; and offers you amazing positive changes that can be felt in minutes.

Imagine letting go of emotional blocks, gaining confidence and finding Mr. Right all in one program!

Sexy-confidence grows with each limitation that is graciously deleted from your belief system.

It is finally every woman’s opportunity to find the love of her life … and the life that is right for her. Are you ready to become Ms. Right?

Latino Power

Book Description:

“Latino Power: 7 Powers all Latinos Have Upon Which to Build an Empire” shows there is no reason why your dreams shouldn’t be fat with hope, desire and anticipation. Your dreams and goals should be manifesting in any given moment of your life.

Discover how to:

  • Achieve peak performance.
  • Use strategies and techniques to change your life in a short time.
  • Obtain the keys to your success.
  • Master your life.
  • Cultivate healthy relationships.
  • Improve your finances.
  • Discover your true purpose.
  • Find your pathway to power.

Latinos are an amazing combination of both the CONQUERED and the CONQUEROR. Both blood lines run through our veins, and we have the potential to master either side. The question is… which side have you sided with?

Both bring different results. Both cultivate a different mind.

“Latino Power: 7 Powers all Latinos Have Upon Which to Build an Empire” can help you remove limitations, fears, emotional blocks and anything else programmed in your subconscious mind.

With this book you will see and experience 7 different ways to build a mental empire that can help you dream magnificent dreams and help you make them real. It is time to take control of your life, your finances and your state of mind. This book can also help you transform your mind from being undisciplined and unfocused …to being a power center of creativity, ideas and mastery.

  • Recognize your infallible power and put it to work immediately.
  • Experience the inner power you didn’t know you had.
  • Learn about the power that runs through the veins of our race.
  • Learn the secrets of our mystical Indian spirituality.
  • Discover the power of family, ancestry, & our Spanish blood.
  • See, how power and abundance wait to be claimed by you.

Join the Latino movement to stand up and be counted amongst the winners of the world. Be part of the higher money consciousness the smart Latinos are reaching for. Be a Latino success story waiting to be told

8 Ways to Say I Love My Life

“8 Ways To Say I Love My Life”

Do you think your life has to be perfect before you can love it?

Do you believe you lack the skill to form a good relationship?

Do you dread going home for the holidays?

Is facing your family the same as facing your past?

Does family and past hurt too much?

Do you believe it is hard growing up Latina?

Do you think you are alone in your challenges and struggles? 8 Ways To Say I Love My Life is a ‘must read’ if you feel any of the above.

This book is the inspiration that can change your life.


About the Authors

JOSEFINA LOPEZ is the founding artistic director of CASA 0101 and is currently developing the musical version of her film Real Women Have Curves. She is a novelist, playwright, screenwriter, artist, and bon vivant. Her first novel, Hungry Woman in Paris is in stores and online. Josefina is also the co-founder of Brooklyn & Boyle Literary & Artistic Salon.

Susan Orosco is an award winning author, keynote speaker, an Emotional Freedom Technician and a Certified Master Hypnotherapist. Susan has inspired and motivated audiences throughout California for over 25 years. Susan has a BA in psychology, she is public speaker and published author.  Susan authored: Latino Power: Seven Powers all Latinos Have Upon Which to Build an Empire! and Don’t Invite Mr. Right Until Mr. Wrong is Gone!

Another delightful contributing author is Nancy De Los Santos Reza. She is a writer, director and producer who was nominated for two prime Emmy Awards. Please see Nancy’s page for more information.

Our third contributing author is Bel Hernandez Castillo founder and director of the famous and highly sought after Hollywood magazine for Latinos called “Latin Heat”. Let me introduce the other four fabulous contributing authors, playwrights and public speakers. Margo De Leon, Laura De Anda, Joanna Diaz and Rita Marmolejo Mosqueda.