Rescue Your Dream: 52 Tips to Live the Life YOU Want!

An extreme dream is something you want really badly. It’s in your bones, in your sleep, in your mind and deep in your heart. It is a most cherished desire. And you can’t help but reach for it.

When you think about it; your hopes rise, your heart opens and you are filled with inspiration, love, joy and hope. If that happens to you, well then, that’s proof that you and your dream are a match made in heaven!

If you have a burning desire to create a product, a piece of art, a song, a dance or anything that stimulates your creativity, you can consider it divine. That means it was intentionally given to you. To ignore this gift is to deny society the inspiration and possibly the healing that your contribution to the world can provide. Yes, your little song, your product, your book, your talents, your skills and your ability to heal another person can be the very thing that can lift society to a whole new level of living.

My booklet is free. All you have to do is Click Here and download the PDF.

Once you read my booklet you will understand:

  • That rescuing a dream is a spiritual experience.
  • It is linked to your life purpose.
  • It is important that you and your dream are united.
  • There is only one way it can be done.
  • You must rise above the level of ordinary to the level of champion.
  • You will be challenged. It is the divine purpose of the dream. Do not be afraid.
  • An extreme dream exists for only one reason … to upgrade you and the world you live in.
  • It important to let the hero within you to rise.
  • You will receive everything you need to rescue your dream.
  • Once rescued, take it home and let it reward you beyond your imagination!

Follow that dream! It will transform you. It will upgrade your mind.

The Dragon and the Dream:

Sometimes it helps to imagine your dream as your child, your loved one or your creation. It might even help to think of it as a damsel in distress. Your dream is held captive in a tower of a dark and cold castle on a hill, and it is surrounded by a moat.

The dragon, in your imaginary story, is nothing else but your resistance and it keeps you on the other side of the moat away from your dream.  The dragon is nothing else but a mass of negative energy made up of your failures, insecurities, fears, doubts, setbacks, challenges, and blocks all combined together to make an overwhelming monster. It is the dragon.

The dragon will do everything it can to keep you from your prize. But that is what it is supposed to do. You see, the dragon is not really a bad guy. It’s like the dragon in the movie Dragonheart. It’s willing to listen and/or to negotiate. But you better be a worthy pursuer.  It’s not giving the dream over to just any Tom, Dick or Harriet. If you lack the faith in yourself to accomplish your dream it will scare you away with one roar. If you are unstable or unfocused, just one lunge towards you will cause you to flee. If you are self-defeating it will sit back and watch you thrash yourself.

But if you are determined to rescue your prize and challenge the dragon it will watch you closely as your inner hero rises. With each block, (negative emotion, thought and belief) you release it will watch you grow more focused, confident and stable. If your mindset grows strong enough the dragon will step aside without a battle, and let you rescue your dream; because as you rise to hero status, you will have earned the right to the prize.

The real struggle is within you. Your battle is with you. A hero will never find a more determined adversary as the one she will find within herself.

So fight for it. Fight for your dream. How do you do that? My booklet Rescue Your Dream: 52 Tips to Live the Life YOU Want! Can arm you will the inspiration to win your most cherished goal.

The 52 suggestions in the booklet are brief. They are in­tended to get you thinking and taking action. Take time to ponder each one. You might read them all at once or focus on one idea each week. Revisit them to reignite your energy and enthu­siasm. You may want to journal about them, cre­ate a discussion group around them, or use them in some other way as a springboard to having the life YOU want. You get to choose since it’s YOUR life.